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Updated: Jan 24

L-R: Bridgette & Val

Val Mirza

My passion for skincare started in childhood mixing my mom's skincare when I was 7 years old translating the scientific latin ingredients. My childhood and teenage years are filled with so many moments of were I found the most bliss learning about skincare & the philosophies of beauty. My freshman year of college I finally realized that I should get licensed to practice aesthetics and by 19 years old I began my career as an aesthetician. I spent my twenties working on thousands of people in busy salons/spas & 13 years later I'm still obsessed with my craft. I'm constantly researching the new, ancient, why, & how of skincare. I do not believe in compromising health for the sake of beauty as they go hand in hand & support each other. I want to guide my clients to see & transform their skin through multi-dimensional perspectives, patience, & practice.

I had been studying & sculpting brows since I was 15, but had never seen good permanent makeup until I came across microblading. In 2014 I decided to the get the semipermanent & realistic looking brow treatment as means to help my post-partum thinning brows, but the result was a thick bold stencil brow. I spent a few years with my deeply botched brows studying the art form of microblading before getting certified from a medical aesthetics facility. I specialize in restorative microblading to create a natural looking brow. The art of microblading is more than just a cut/paste job, it's a meticulous process of adding strategically placed strokes in the skin to recreate the hair pattern of an eyebrow which is unique to each individual‘s face. Creating seamless microblading is not a fast or easy job, but always tremendously rewarding for me & my clients. I’ve honed the art of brow shaping through 17years of working on brows- that’s thousands of brows y’all & with that experience I am greatly honored with the trust of working on beautiful faces.

Bridgette Phelan

Hi ya'll! I started my Aesthetic career in San Antonio back in 2010. I gained my experience from working in spas. I have enjoyed my time helping people feel relaxed and special. My passion for skincare has evolved into something more. I tend to steer away from the basic facial protocol. I love customizing every treatment because there are no two faces the same. I am very thorough and confident in my touch. I am the same with my waxing. I love educating! I want to see growth and goals being met! I strongly encourage everyone to put skincare higher up on their to do list. I truly believe healthy skin will change your life.

<3 Love yourself.


Hi, I’m Rosie.♡ I am a Licensed Aesthetician, graduating from Ann Webb Skin Institute in 2019. This craft has become close to my heart, and a special branch in my ever evolving study of holistic health, beauty and healing. I believe our skin is a direct reflection of the overall health of our body, lifestyle and emotional state. I have always had a passion for beauty and aesthetics, and intuitively started making potions when I was just a little girl, then selling them in “nature sales”; (where I also sold pinecones, rocks, leaves and sticks- good thing I was a cute little kid, haha.) My study of holistic health began ten years ago when I first attended the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, CO. From there, I was drawn to attend culinary school, and went to the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, where I found my love for intentional cooking, powerful whole food ingredients and helping people heal the body through food and nutrition. To round out the trio, I completed my 200 hour Yoga teacher training program in order to deepen my understanding of how our bodies hold trauma, and finding the tools to make space for deep healing through breath work, meditation, movement and release. I want to make the world a better place through the love I give to my clients.⚘

It has been quite the journey, and I am so happy to now be in Austin at Potion, as a practicing Aesthetician and general lover of all things wild and free. I love non-toxic and earthy products, designing potions specifically made for you, and will use only the best Mother nature and science have to offer. In a facial with me, you can expect an intuitive, nurturing + deeply relaxing experience, paired with real results that we can achieve together. I want all of my clients to feel as beautiful on the outside as they already are on the inside. I strive to be a trustworthy + professional resource on each unique individuals journey of wellness education, skin health, beauty and healing. I hope to meet you soon at Potion. xo


My career in esthetics started just over a decade ago with a love for the art of makeup and quickly grew into a love for holistic skincare and enhancing one's beauty from within.  Over the last decade, I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of spa settings that have allowed me to not only further my esthetic education but also to work alongside skilled estheticians that have helped in my growth as a therapist. 

In my early 30's, I was blessed to become one of the many adults who developed cystic hormonal acne. I say blessed in jest but also with a hint of truth because this allowed me to focus on getting to the root cause of my acne as well as the trial and error of finding what worked for my skin. I know firsthand the insecurities that “problematic” skin can cause and it’s something I try to diminish and work through in the treatment room.

My goal in my treatment room is to build a meaningful connection with my client allowing me the space to customize a treatment that honors your individual needs and to empower you with the knowledge you need to keep your skin glowing from within.  I truly believe in customizing each service not only from client to client but from session to session to ensure that the time we spend together is focused on honoring your needs for that day.

From the Potion Founder:

Every aesthetician at Potion practices her craft using her acquired knowledge and directly working with her client. Care & intention are the harmonizing elements of all the Potion aestheticians. Your aesthetician has not been given a script or protocol, she is creating the ideal treatment based on your current skin needs which will not be similar to any other client. We want to create an on going conversation on your skincare & aesthetic journey in & out of the treatment room. Always feel free to reach out to your aesthetician directly & have those awkwardly honest talks. We care & love our clients for allowing us to use our calling to help them know & honor their skin & self care.

Lots of love,


L-R: Val, Rosie, Bridgette


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