January 2020: FRESH START

Updated: Feb 5

When we first visited the bungalow, we were overwhelmed, it had been neglected for years. It was just sitting there all sad and lonely. We thought no, it’s not time for us to take on such a heavy load. As we kept looking for other places to call home we kept seeing that no one had snatched up the little sad bungalow on the corner. Val kept saying, I think we can do it, I think we can do it. Got the keys on Dec 1 and went to work. We had one contractor and boy did he move fast. We started our mornings with coffee and a trip to Home depot, are you trying to find dry wall screws? That's aisle number 13. Watching my little sister and Val rip out the shower in the bathroom blew my mind. There was lime green splattered paint in the treatment rooms that needed to disappear. So we had to paint all the walls, and not just two coats but four. Our bodies were so tired and achy at the end of the day. It was all of us motivating each other to get stuff done. As one of us would pull back or slow down the other was saying come on lets get this job done. I think it’s safe to say we all know how to use a drill and know what a p pipe is. It was the white claw that helped us get through the nights. It was the dream & vision that got us to Dec 26. We started taking clients right after Christmas. Things still are still out of sort and unorganized but everyday we accomplish something.

Here at the Potion house we have a retail front, waiting area, & two treatment rooms that accommodate all services. We have a nice sized lot in the back, first come first serve. Also plenty of street parking off Llano. We are working on landscaping and creating a walkway to the front of the house. The front entrance faces Cesar Chavez. We still offer personal shopping appointments through our site. We are here every day but just to make sure someone is available to assist you it might be best to book an appointment.

We love being on Cesar Chavez, especially on the east side. Cesar Chavez is the heart of Austin, running from east to west covering the whole city. The east side has had its bad rep but now is quickly changing into a place where everyone wants to be. It is the fastest growing part of Austin. You have all kinds and all are welcome. You have the new and the old coming together. So many new businesses are taking place here on the east side, with ambitious hard working men and women running them. We, just like many of them, want to bring community and growth to our neighbors. We are constantly learning something about business or our craft. Lets all support one another in what we love to do! <3Bridgette

We would like to welcome Rosie and Viky to the Potion team! We are so excited to have these two beautiful ladies by our side.

Rosie has been helping us behind the scenes, and is now ready to be working hands on with clients! She might be new, but has the energy and touch of someone who has been doing this for years. She loves detailing a facial treatment to treat your specific skin care needs. She takes more of a holistic approach in her consultation and treatment. She will massage your scalp next level, and hit all the right pressure points. You will feel grounded, nurtured and renewed when you leave! <3Bridgette

" A healthy glow starts from the happiness within, and is taken to the next level when you find your forever esthetician and the products/diet that works for you".-Rosie Sepulveda


In the beauty industry and probably like many industries, there are people that show up to their job and then there are those in that are building their career/craft. Viky Villareal is the latter. She absolutely loves her craft which is apparent from her extensive resume.

She is an educator at Milk+Honey Spa where Bridgette and I met her years ago during our tenure there. At Potion she'll be released from the confinements of a protocol that is standard for spas. We're pretty excited for her to feel the freedom to make her own kind of magic in the treatment room. She will begin her Guest Esthetician (guesthetician) schedule in February on Sundays only and just fyi you can only get this fully customized holistic facial with Viky at Potion. ---Val Mirza

I came across Caroline Toro's jewelry just like any other millennial finds anything these days...on instagram. Friday Friday ATX, a marketplace/platform that promotes WOC, featured her on a post and I was just amazed at her work. Her designs mesmerize without taking away from the wearer. The handwoven designs take 6-8 hours to produce. She uses glass, semi-precious, and sometimes vintage beads with 14k gold plated findings. These high quality pieces are wearable art to be treasured as each set is crafted with the highest interest in quality not quantity. The small seasonal capsule collections ensure that you will be purchasing unique and sustainable jewelry. Caroline has a textile design degree from FIT and comes from a lineage of master seamstresses which resonates into the intricate weaving of her pieces. We have a small collection available including Candela (pictured). Book a shopping session if you would like to checkout our selections.---Val Mirza


Cleanse. Purify. Transform.

Let’s talk about taking your skin care routine to the next level, shall we?

Say hello to the beautiful Dalmation Jasper gua sha stones. A rare breed of gua sha, made from a magical stone, and trust me, they won’t last long seeing how truly beautiful and grounding they are.

Dalmation Jasper is indigenous to Mexico, and is a quartz based stone speckled with black and brown spots of tourmaline.

This particular stone aids in breaking down self-limiting barriers and beliefs that we have created for our own self protection, either consciously or subconsciously as the by product of life being, well very hard at times.

But, by being open to breaking down the walls we have built in response to trauma or negativity, it benefits us as human beings beyond belief to start the breaking down process sooner, rather than later, so we can enjoy life to the fullest of our ability.

This stone can be an aid in helping you move forward on your destined path, and opens your awareness to finding your true purpose- making space for the positive things to come this new year and leaving the negative behind.

The black spots (tourmaline), account for a lot of the magic held in this stone. Black tourmaline is known as a protective stone, guarding you from negative energy or clearing negative energy from a space. It is also a very grounding stone, bringing you closer to your roots and to earth, correlating with opening your base (or root chakra) chakra- reminding us of who we really are at the core of our being. I have found this stone to be very powerful, and I carry one in my wallet every. damn. day.!

It has the ability to dispel negativity, but never absorb it, honestly making it a natural and necessary wonder. It is also said that Dalmation Jasper is a natural healing stone, balancing the blood and immune system. I have loved using this new Gua Sha stone in facials, and can feel energy shifting and skin firming after a short time of being around these gems.

Book a facial at Potion to boost that self confidence or come by to the Retail front to hold one in your own hands. You won’t want to let it go.

Peace, love, and healing to everyone this New Year.

-Rosie Sepulveda

We ran out of ROSE our emollient rose water in December and had not been able to squeeze in a distillation session through the renovation and move. Distilling herbs is a time and labor intensive process that can also be very dangerous. Distillers usually have to reach temperatures around 200 degree Fahrenheit to produce a decent trickle of hydrosol, I definitely earned a couple of burns in my first few distillations. For the most current distillation I made the effort to source biological roses. Organic roses are non-existent, well maybe somewhere on earth there are wild roses that grow plentiful without the use of pesticides, maybe. Animals and insects love roses which is why growers have to use pesticides to maintain their coveted crops. The roses you pick up from your florist will more than likely have been treated with pesticides making them unsuitable for human consumption.

Those roses are very beautiful, but for potion making we need roses that will not cause any irritation from toxic pesticide exposure. I found a company that sources biological roses, a term they use for these healthy roses as they cannot claim organic as that implies that no pesticides or fertilizers have been used. The pesticides and fertilizers they use are naturally derived which reduces waste, promotes long term sustainability for the farmlands, and creates a healthier environment for the crops, farmers, and field workers. I ordered 100 stems (happy early valentine's day to me). The roses were absolutely beautiful & smelled amazing. My first couple of distillations of rose water I ever did were with dry rose buds which are substantially less expensive which made the tossing of gallons of rose water I've burned because of rookie mistakes less painful, but now it was time to move up an echelon with fresh roses. I'm happy to say that no batches were tossed. I adjusted the formula for ROSE and with that adjustment I discovered that this brew had become much more than the milky rose formula. I added cherries for melatonin, reishi for its myriad of benefits, and cinnamon for circulation. It's a sweet nectar that produces a noticeable tightening and brightening with every spray. The toner was created for deep hydration and nourishment for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It's my Mona Lisa. Though it is a masterpiece, it's still a masterpiece in progress. The toner has transformed to a new level and thus has earned a new name: SOMA. Soma was a fermented elixir drank by gods and priests during rituals. It was believed that this elixir brought not only good health but abundance to those that drank it. I feel that SOMA will do that as well. -Val Mirza


Somehow through the busiest yet cosmically perfect time of the year we landed a lease on house on Cesar Chavez. We began renovations just as Jupiter entered Capricorn on Dec 2nd. This transition into hardworking Capricorn asks us to proceed with caution, strategy, and discipline specifically in material and money. This Jupiter placement is most beneficial to those that lean into their expertise and have taken the hard lessons from their Saggitarian-Jupiter year. I could feel and see the Jupiterian blessings as we poured our energy into our expansion. Though the days were long, busy, and (physically) hard they were also filled with daily instant gratification because we were learning more of our capabilities and unearthing more of the dream.

We have now been in our new work home for 4 weeks and this comes at a the start of the Chinese New Year: The Year of The White Metal Rat. The Rat commences the start of the Chinese Zodiac and brings about a fresh & prosperous mood for those that grease the wheel. The metal element requires precision, structure, and order...not unlike Capricorn. The year is ruled by the color White- the color of focus and asks us to be as detailed as possible. We will also feel a more direct, fast, and strong energy with the Yang energy. Rat years also ask us to resourceful with our blessings and to build community. All that said...we have carefully used our resources to expand into a space over 5 times larger (not including our parking lot) than our previous treatment room to create a fresh space to treat our clients with beautiful potions. We are growing our community/coven/crew so that they may also expand their knowledge and be prosperous. We've painted our walls white and have more windows that we've ever had to brighten our days at work. As you can see elements of the celestial placements have organically manifested themselves during this divinely timed transition. We have truly been blessed in so many ways and we pray we can continue working on this very lovely dream.

This newsletter is being released to the world on the first new moon of the year. This Aquarian moon asks us to innovate, change, or progress which is further more exalted by the Uranus energy which can create implusiveness or anxiety. The themes of the air sign Aquarius: breathing, thinking, meditation, free flowing, detached yet connected. At it's best Aquarius is open-minded, humanitarian, free spirited, and intellectual. Here are some ways to bring these traits into your day as you start this new cycle: quit that bad habit (you know you need to), speak your mind but don't fire back at those that disagree(they are also speaking their mind), be generous with your compliments that are not physically based (i.e: Jane, your cooking blows my mind. John, your organization skills are goalssss. Maria, you're an excellent storyteller), start a new non-fiction book/article, make a instagram post to share what's been on your mind, sit still and breath, have a staring contest with a friend or stranger.

We're starting out new moon with this newsletter & blog as a new habit attempt to put ourselves out there for y'all, to share our story and knowledge no matter how woowoo we may seem.

FYI: Rosie (our in-house nutritionist) & I put together a little salad recipe and desert suggestion inspired by the current celestial state using ancient medical astrology & modern nutrition. The easy salad recipe is exclusive to our client & newsletter subscribers. Subscribers are also privy to exclusive discounts. Please email us at to be added to the Potion email list.---Val Mirza

Sending you all the lovely magical vibes!

Thanks for reading our blog.


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