Our Enhanced Health Safety

A haircut is not like a facial, yet our specific trade has been lumped in with hair salons regarding new safety protocols. Clients cannot receive a facial with a medical mask on, so all precautions must be taken on our side to create a super safe treatment room. As individuals that will be directly exposed to many people, we must ensure that we are not spreading anything (germs, virus, etc) to the next guest or our families- so we've taken all the responsible measures we can to create a very safe space for facial treatments. These are our new protocols that we are taking to create the safest space possible to receive facials.


We are now by-appointment-only, appointments must be booked online. Through the online booking process clients are given the new salon etiquette in their confirmation & reminder emails.

Our 24hr reminder email & text sends an online Health Disclosure & Etiquette Agreement that must be filled and signed before arriving for appointments. The health disclosure will screen for any symptoms of or exposure to Covid-19 and informs us of general health. The same form includes our Etiquette agreement that will states all the arrival policies for receiving services. Acknowledgement of these policies aka salon health etiquette ensures our clients are very aware of their responsibility in maintaining a safe space for all.

Salon Health Etiquette

  • I will arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to my appointment.

  • I will not bring additional people to my appointment.

  • I will wait outside until my service provider allows me to enter the building.

  • I will sanitize or wash my hands before receiving my service & after payment transactions.

  • I will wear my mask at all times unless I have been asked to remove my mask to receive my service.

  • I will refrain from touching retail items.

  • I will maintain a 6 foot distance from other clients & persons within the building or while waiting outside.

  • I will self screen for Covid-19 symptoms prior to arriving. 

  • I will cancel my appointment if I am unwell. 

  • I will cancel my appointment if I have been exposed to someone that has shown symptoms or has contracted Covid-19

We reserve the right to refuse service based on any information disclosed that puts you or others at a health risk. 

We require that this form be submitted prior to your appointment time & that you fill out a new form before each appointment.

Treatment Room Changes

If we had a dollar for every time someone told us how comfortable our treatment beds are-we probably wouldn't need an EIDL (still haven't received it btw -_- ). Like most comfortable spas we have added layers to our treatment beds( bed warmer, memory foam, bed skirt), we have added a non-latex waterproof barrier over all these layers that will be thoroughly disinfected in between each appointment. Sheets, blankets, towels are used for one client then sent to our laundry to be washed with hot water, bleach, and fragrance-free detergent. Our laundry baskets are also disinfected.

Each room in the Potion House has a wall mounted hand sanitizer. Our liquid sanitizer is 70% alcohol.

Our disinfection procedure includes spraying down treatment table, client chair, light switches, checkout area (pen & CC processor), and our workstation & equipment of course. We use Cavicide, a liquid disinfectant strong enough for operating rooms & sterilization rooms. We have purchased gallons of this strong chemical formula. We must handle this disinfectant carefully as it toxic to inhale or touch. Facemask, eyewear, and gloves must be used to handle the chemicals. We must allow several minutes for the misted liquid to settle before reentering the room to wipe surfaces. These added measures are not only costly but also requires us to add more time in between appointments. Productivity has gone down & cost per service increases...not an ideal business fluxuation btdub.

Personal Protective Equipment

We will be wearing gloves for each service and changing our gloves a lot. We use nitrile gloves (latex free). This material is non-toxic. We will be wearing a face mask & protective eye wear during appointments. We will also be changing our clothing in between facial sessions as we will be working on clients without their masks during those longer lasting services. Changing our clothing before leaving our shop will also keep our homes & families healthy.

Safety in Minimalism We have removed our self-serve water area. We have moved our retail items behind our desk. Only one unit per SKU will be on the shelves. We will only allow clients indoors once we are ready to treat them so we don't have much indoor seating. The seating we do have is spread out so that each person has 6+ feel of personal space. Our treatment rooms have also been refined to allow for faster & more thorough cleaning. The Potion House is a small space with only two treatment rooms so we aren't a high traffic salon or spa, but we do still want our team & clients to follow the health etiquette to keep the small space safe.

We hope that these extra measures we are taking set you at ease for receiving your treatments with us. A little bit of extra safe selfcare from professionals like us goes a very long way for our & your mental health these days. We have a feeling our sessions, even the ones where we are gently removing hair from sensitive areas, will be more cathartic than ever.

See you soon!


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